Finance & Human Rights (FaHR) is a non-profit organisation created in 2019. It serves as a knowledge hub that brings together strong expertise on business & human rights with extensive experience in the financial sector. 

The financial industry has substantial leverage on tackling human rights issues in global corporate value chains, especially in the context of investment decision-making processes. While there is a strong focus on climate and environmental issues in sustainable or ESG finance (Environment-Social-Governance), we should not lose sight of human rights, or the “S” in ESG. Therefore, FaHR seeks to provide various stakeholders from the financial sector with its broad knowledge on how they can use their power to respect and promote human rights.

FaHR Founders

Charles Muller is co-chair of FaHR and an expert in Investment Management Regulation. With 30 years of experience, he acts as an independent director for funds and management companies, trainer and conference speaker and as a consultant in European and Luxembourg public policy.

Markus Löning is co-chair of FaHR and the founder and managing director of Löning – Human Rights & Responsible Business. He was the human rights commissioner of the German government and has 15 years experience in communications.

Cecilia Barral Diego is vice-chair of FaHR and consultant at Löning – Human Rights & Responsible Business. She is specialised in human rights law and focuses on conducting and developing human rights due diligence processes for companies aligned with international standards.

Claire Treinen is vice-chair of FaHR and a research analyst at Löning – Human Rights & Responsible Business. She analyses human rights due diligence processes, creates benchmark assessments and is responsible for the business development of FaHR. She holds a M.Sc. in Economics.

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